We believe the best way for you and your staff to get the most out of your software is to be well trained. Understanding how to utilize all the features your software has to offer will give you the edge in automating processes which in turn will save you time and money.  

Essential for new users.
Highly recommended for advanced users with a new version or update.

How good is a software if you don't know how to use it properly? 

Training ethos:  A great software without proper training is essentially useless. We can empower you with the fundamental skills and concepts that make Metalixs' suite of products beneficial for your production and processes. With our comprehensive training programs we equip our customers with the knowledge of how to work with our products in the most efficient manner, providing powerful tools that lead to increased productivity and lower overall costs. 

Approach:  We address the training needs of a single user as well as the diverse requirements of a whole company, offering product specific courses tailored to the customer. We try to not exceed more than 2 hours of training in a single day. This is beneficial in 2 ways: helping the trainee to grasp the concepts and skills without overloading them with information, and allowing the trainee to continue with their usual workload. The hours purchased in a success pack, can be spread out over weeks or even months if required. 

Training options: Training can be done online using Team Viewer or onsite. By using Team Viewer we can log into your PC and train using your products and requirements while talking you through the processes. 


Basic Pack

$1,500 AUD

/ 8 Hours
  • Online or onsite* 

Standard Pack

$2,800 AUD

/ 16 Hours
  • Online or onsite*

Pro Pack

$4,000 AUD

/ 24 Hours
  • Online or onsite*

Beast Pack

$6,000 AUD 

/ 40 Hours
  • Online or onsite*

T's & C's:

*Onsite training will incur additional travel costs. Training success packs will expire after 1 year from purchase date. All training hours are used up in 15 minute blocks. 

** AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a 12-month contract that gives you updates (lastest version available), discounted service and training rates and priority support. 

Prices above exclude Gst